Friday, May 9, 2014

More Expansion Progress

Across the aisle from Thunder Mesa, the Calico section is starting to take shape.

Although this past week was busy with 1:1 scale projects out in the real world, I was still able to carve out a little time for work on the railroad. With the new plan for Calico fixed firmly in mind and the power tools still in hand, a couple of enjoyable afternoons were spent finishing up the benchwork and roadbed for this corner of the layout.

Following the new plan, 1/2" plywood sub-roadbed was installed atop risers of 1x3" pine. The flat area at left will be home to the Calico mine, a major shipper on the TMMC.

Midwest HO cork roadbed was laid down along the track center lines and cemented in place with yellow carpenter's glue. The thumbtacks are handy for keeping everything aligned while the glue dries.

After the glue dried overnight, spackling paste was used to fill any gaps.

The final step was to sand everything smooth with a sanding block. The goal is to have a nice, even surface for track laying.

Ready for track! The large gap in the roadbed above the curved benchwork at center will be home to a dramatic trestle, completing the reverse loop. In this view you can begin to see how the tracks will weave in and out of Calico Mountain.

Here's another look at the plan for Calico. Note the track elevations and location of the trestle bridges.

Next up I'd like to tackle the remaining benchwork for the Canyon section, then I can start laying track and actually get to run some trains up the grade to Calico! Looks like I won't be putting those tools away anytime soon. That's about it for this week. Thanks for checking in. Adios for now!

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