Friday, June 22, 2012

Adding a Fascia

I had a little time to work on the railroad over the last few days and decided to go ahead and install the fascia or profile boards. This really gives a nice, finished look to the layout and helps to define the edges of the little world I'm creating. I used 1/8" masonite attached with Liquid Nails and clamped in place with 1" drywall screws. Once the adhesive cures completely, I'll back out all the screws, fill the holes with wood putty and get it ready for painting.

Overall view.

Future location of the Geyser Gulch trestle.
Now, how am I going to make those geysers erupt? Hmmm.
While adding the fascia I also completed work on the Rainbow Caverns show building. This is basically a masonite and black foamcore box that will hold the black-lit cavern effects I'm planning while also acting as a support structure for the upper levels of Thunder Mesa town. I incorporated a hinged access hatch into the fascia for maintenance and photography inside the caverns. It's held in place with magnetic cabinate latches and swings down out of the way when opened.

 Rainbow Caverns show building and access hatch.
The tunnel entrance will be disguised with rock work.

Viewing portal for Rainbow Caverns.

Access hatch when open.

Rainbow Caverns show building from the Thunder Mesa side.
Now that the major carpentry is finished the logical next step would be to finish roughing in the scenery. I might do that, or I might start work on some long delayed locomotive or rolling stock projects. Or I might do something completely different like get the backdrop painted. Who knows? The wonderful thing about a model railroad is that there is never any shortage of interesting projects to work on!

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