Monday, June 18, 2012

The Golden Spike!

Hooray! Track laying is now complete on the Thunder Mesa Mining Co! Now I can finally get to the fun part of actually running some trains. Even though it's a small layout, it's still a thrill to lay that last bit of track, hook up the power pack and watch the trains roll on by. Here's a quick 2 minute video I put together as I tested track and connections.

I've used Peco code 100 On30 track throughout. It's extremely well made, reliable and matches the rustic look I'm going for on Thunder Mesa perfectly. Plus, I had a lot of it left over from the previous layout.

Of course, laying the golden spike on a model railroad doesn't mean you're anywhere near finished. There's still tons of work to be done on scenery, structures and special effects. Now that trains are rolling, I'm even more motivated to tackel those big projects. See you on down the line!

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