Monday, September 30, 2013

Aerial View - September 30, 2013

Time for our monthly (more of less) helicopter shot showing progress on the layout to date! Let's see what's changed in the last month or so...

Before: August 26, 2013

After: September 30, 2013

Still no track laid in the new Calico section, but the scenery has been roughed in over Rainbow Caverns and in the new town and turntable areas. The turntable itself has been installed (though still not wired) and a small new section has been added where the just completed Thunder Mesa Depot now sits. The bookshelves have been moved to make way for further expansion of the layout as plans for this area continue to evolve.

All in all a pretty productive month on the old railroad. Throughout October I'll be focused more on a few rolling stock projects I'd like to get finished and perhaps a little more scenery building. Thanks for checking in!
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